One of the goals of First Steps is to help the participants read the Bible for themselves. This is one of the main reasons for adopting a one-passage approach to our sessions, so that they learn to read one story at a time, rather than flicking all over the Bible. One great way to help participants to get to know the Bible is to ensure they have a Bible themselves and wherever possible get them to read from that Bible during sessions. Help them find the passage each week and then get them to read along in their own Bible.


A great way to help ground a new Christian in their faith is to connect them to a Christian community. Ensure that you aren’t the only Christian they know, so take the opportunity to introduce them to your Christian friends, and invite them along to Church. If your Church wouldn’t work for them, offer to attend a local Church with them.

Clarify Understanding

We need to assume nothing when working with a new Christian. This could be the first time they’ve ever read a Bible or heard any Bible stories, and the first time they've encountered some of the language we use as Christians. So keep this in mind as you interact with them. At all times, check to clarify understanding by either asking them if they’ve ever heard of certain concepts or words before or suggest to put things in their own words. Give them room to express the fact they don’t understand something, which can be as simple as changing your question from “Does that make sense?” to “What doesn’t make sense in what we just talked about?” This is especially important to keep in mind when we are interacting with people for whom English is not their first language.

The Gospel

It’s important that everything you communicate speaks of the Gospel, rather than a set of rules that must be followed. Put everything in the context of a relationship with God.